Caribbean Cha Cha 3

Intro (Op fc no hds jnd)

(Wait 2);; Cucaracha Twice with arms;; Chase;;;;

Part A (Bfly)

Vine 2 Fc to Fc; Vine 2 Bk to Bk (Op/LOD); Fwd Basic; Bk Basic;
Slide the Door; Circle Cha (L Op/LOD);; Slide the Door (Op/LOD);
Swivel 2 & Cha; Swivel 2 & Cha (Bfly); Fenceline Twice;;
Fwd Basic; NYer; Fwd Basic; Spot Trn (to fc);
Time Step 4 times;;;;

Part B (Bfly)

Shldr to Shldr Twice;; Hnd to Hnd Twice;;
Alemana;; Lariat;;
Twirl 2 & Cha; Rev Twirl 2 & Cha (OP/Line); Circle Cha (Bfly);;
Travelling Doors;; Cucaracha Twice;;

End (Bfly)

Sandstep Twice;; 1 Cucaracha; Rk Sd Rec Cross & Pt thru to RLOD & Hold; Hold;

last update: 9.12.2003 / Gabriele Langer (contactGabriele's Round Dance Seite)