Intro (Op Fcg)

(Wait 2);; Apt Pt; Tog Tch (Bfly); Travelling Door; Roll 2 & Cha (Bfly);

Part A (Bfly)

Basic;; Shldr to Shldr; Crab Wks;; Spot Trn; Hd to Hd Twice;;

Interl (CP/Wall)

Strolling Vine (Bfly);;;; Travelling door; Roll 2 & cha (Bfly);

Part B (CP/Wall)

NYer (Op); Wk 2 Run 2; Sliding doors;;
Rk apt Rec Fwd Cha; Walk 2 & Cha; Rk Rec Bk Hitch 3; NYer;

End (Bfly)

Fenceline Twice (CP);; Strolling Vine (Bfly);;;;
Travelling Door; Roll 2 & Cha; (Bfly) Apt Pt;

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