Go Downtown Cha

Intro (Bfly)

(Wait 2);; Cucaracha Twice;;

Part A (Bfly)

Basic;; Twir Vine & Cha; Rev Twirl Vine & Cha;
NYer; Spot Turn; Bk Break (to Op); Walk 2 & Fwd Cha;

Part B (Op)

Sliding Door Twice;; Circle Cha (Lady to his right side);;
Lariat;; Fenceline Twice;;
NYer in 4;

Part C (Bfly)

Op Break; Whip; Shlder to Shldr Twice;;
Op Break; Whip; NYer; Crab Walk;
Side Walk; Spot Turn;

Interl (Bfly)

Chase Peek a Boo;;;;

End (Bfly, Trail foot free)

(down line) Aida in 3 & Hold;

last update: 9.12.2003 / Gabriele Langer (contactGabriele's Round Dance Seite)