The hand that rocks the cradle Rb V

Intro (Bfly/Wall)

(Wait 2);; Shoulder to Shoulder Twice;;

Part A (Bfly/Wall)

Basic to a Fan;; Start Hockeystick; Cucaracha Twice;; Finish the Hockeystick; New Yorker Twice;;
Alemana;; Rope Spin;; Time Step; Aida; Switch Cross; Side Walk 3;

Repeat Part A

Part B (Bfly/Wall)

Half Basic; Whip; New Yorker Twice;;
Half Basic; Whip to face; Rev Underarm Turn; Spot Turn to Right Handshake;
modified Flirt to left Shadow;; 3 Sweethearts;;; Spot Turn to Bfly; Cucaracha L & R;;

Repeat Part A
Repeat Part B

End (Bfly/Wall)

Alemana;; Hand to Hand in 4; Step Forward to Open and Point thru;

last update: 20.6.2004 / Gabriele Langer (contactGabrieles Round Dance Seite)