It's Cha Cha Time

Intro (Bfly)

(Wait 2);; Twirl 2 & Cha (OP); Swivel Wk 2 & Cha;

Part A (Op/LOD)

Sliding Door; Ak Apt Rec Cha (Bfly); Basic;;
NYer; Spot Trn; Circle Cha (Op/RLOD);;
Sliding Door; Ak Apt Rec Cha (Bfly); Alemana;;
Lariat;; Cucaracha Twice;;

Part B (Bfly)

Op Break; Double Underarm Trn; Hd to Hd (Bfly); Crab Walk;
Crab Walk; Spot Trn; Shldr to Shldr Twice;;
Fwd Basic; Whip; Fenceline Twice;;
Fwd Basic; Whip; NYer Twice (OP/LOD);;

End (Bfly)

NYer; Aida in 3 & Hold;

last update: 9.12.2003 / Gabriele Langer (contactGabrieles Round Dance Seite)