Melody of Love

Intro (CP/DLW)

(Wait 2);; Hover Telemark (Scp/DC); Chair Rec Slip; 2 L Trns;;

Dance (CP/Wall)

Apt Pt; Spin Manuv; Spin Trn; Feather Finish;
Diamond Turn;;;;

Drag Hesitation; Bk Bk/Lk Bk; Op Impetus; Semi Chasse;
In & Out Runs;; Semi Chasse; Thru Fc Cl;

Wz Box;; Hover (Scp); Weave 6 - (Bjo);;
Fwd Fwd/Lk Fwd; Manuv; Hesitat Chng;

2 L Trns - (Bfly);; Twirl Vine 3; PU (to Scar);
Cross Hover (Bjo); Cross Hover (Scar); Cross Hover (Scp); Thru Fc Cl;

End (CP)

Hover (Scp); Chair Rec Slip; 2 L Trns;; Step Sd to an Oversway;

last update: 9.12.2003 / Gabriele Langer (contactGabrieles Round Dance Seite)