Molly Maguire's Waltz

Waltz IV+2 (Double Reverse Spin, Outside Spin)

Intro (Open Facing Position facing DC)

(Wait 2);; Apt Pt; Tog Tch (CP/DC);

Part A (CP/DC)

2 L Trns;; Whisk; PU Sd Cl (Scar);
Cross Hover (Scp); Sync Vine (Scp/DC); Weave 6 (Bjo);;
Manuv; Spin Trn; Box Finish (DC); Dbl Rev Spin;
Op Telemark; Op Natural; Outside Spin; Box Finish (DC);

Part B (CP/DC)

Trn L & R Chasse; Outside Chng (Scp); Promenade Lk; R Lunge;
Bk Bk/Lk Bk; Bk Whisk; Semi Chasse; PU Sd Cl (DW); Chng of Direc (DC);

Part A

Part B

Part A

End (CP/DC)

2 L Trns;; Whisk; Thru Fc Cl; Apt Pt;

Part A:
(Sync Vine): Timing: 1& 2 3;
(Outside Spin): 123:
Man: Commencing strong RF turn back L in CBJO, continue RF turn fwd R almost towards LOD still in CBJO, spinning on R foot blend to CP then step seide and back L to end in CP backing COH;
Lady: Fwd R outside ptr heel lead commence strong RF turn, closing L to R spin RF on balls of feet, blending to CP step side and fwd R between partner's feet to end in CP facing COH;

Part B:
(Promenade Lock): 1 2&3: Man: Thru R, fwd L / R XIB of L blending to CP with Woman's head still to right, fwd L twd LOD;
(Right Lunge) (1- -): lowering into L knee lunge sd and fwd R towards DW, change sway to R, hold;

last update: 5.11.2004 / Gabriele Langer (contact, Gabrieles Round Dance Seite)