Pata Pata Cha

Intro (no hands)

(Wait 2);; Spot & Time; Time & Spot;

Part A (Bfly)

Shldr to Shldr; Underarm Trn to Lady's Tamara; Wheel 2 & Cha; Unwind to Bfly & Cha;
Fence Line; Crab Walks;; Spot Trn;
Bk Brk (to Op); Swivel 2 & Cha; Sliding Door; Rk Apt Rec & Fwd Cha;
NYer (fc RLOD); Swivel 2 & Cha; Sliding Door; AK Apt Rec Fc Cha;

Part B (Bfly)

Chase Peek-a-Boo;;;;
Sd Walk; Fence Line; Spot & Time; Time & Spot;
Hand to Hand Twice;; Rev Underarm Trn; Whip with a Twirl;
NYer; Whip; Chase 2 Measures Ladies don't turn;;

Part C (Bfly)

Cucaracha Twice with Arms;; Op Break; Break Bk to LOP (fc RLOD);
Fwd Basic; Bk Basic; NYer; Underarm Turn;
Lariat;; Travelling Door Twice;;

End (Bfly)

Lunge Apt & Hold;

last update: 9.12.2003 / Gabriele Langer (contactGabrieles Round Dance Seite)