Intro (OP FCG)

(Wait 1); Apt Pt Tog Tch; Circle Cha;; Merengue 2 ,,

Part A (Bfly) (second time thru all hall directions are reversed)

Travelling Door Twice;; Vine 2 Fc to Fc; Vine 2 Bk to Bk (Op);
Fwd Trn in Bk Cha; Bk Basic; Circle Cha (Bfly);;
Merengue 4;

Part B (Bfly) (second time thru all hall directions are reversed)

Basic;; NYer; Spot Trn;
Bk Break (to Op); Fwd 3 & Cha; Sliding Door; Rk Apt Rec (to Bfly/Cent) & Sd Cha;
NYer in 4;

Part C (Bfly/Cent)

Half Basic; Underarm Trn; mod Lariat (M trng LF to Bfly Scar);;
Wheel 2 & Cha; Underarm Trn; Shldr to Shldr Twice;;
Shldr to Shldr in 4;

End (Bfly)

Sd Chase;;;; Apt Pt;


Merengue 2 = Sd Cl Merengue Style,, - only half a measure

modified Lariat Man Turn:
man: with lead hnds jnd turn ccw in place L,R,L/R,L; R, L, R/L, R;
lady: W circle around Man trng to RF to Scar on last two steps
to Bfly Scar DLC

Sd Chase = Flirtation Chase

last update: 9.12.2003 / Gabriele Langer (contactGabrieles Round Dance Seite)