Southern Nights III

Intro (no hands jnd)

(Wait 1); to RLOD Riverboat Shuffle Twice;; Double Cuban Break & Pt;

Part A (Bfly)

Half Basic; Underarm Trn; Lariat to Varsuvienne;;
Fwd Basic; Bk half Basic Lady LF Lariat to Handshake in 3 Measures;;;
Shadow NYer Twice;; Rev Underam Trn with Head Loop; Cuddle Cucaracha (to CP);
Half Basic; Whip & Twirl; NYer; Spot Trn;

Interlude (fist time thru to LOD, second time thru to RLOD)

Riverboat Shuffle 3 Times;;; Double Cuban Break & Pt;

Part B (Bfly)

Chase Double Peek-a-Boo;;;; ;;;;
Bk Break (to Op); Swivel 2 & Cha; Circle Cha;;
NYer; Crab Walks;; Spot Trn (to low dbl hand hold);

End (Bfly)

Fwd Basic; 2 Bk Triples; Bk Basic; 2 Fwd Triples;
NYer Twice;; Bk Break (to Op); 2 Fwd Triples & Pt;


to Reverse Riverboat shuffle Twice:
XLIFR lower L shoulder slightly and snap fingers, sd R, XLIBR lower R shoulder and snap fingers, sd R; Repeat Measure 2;

Double Cuban & Pt: XLIFR/rec R, Sd L/rec R; XLIFR/rec R, point L;

last update: 9.12.2003 / Gabriele Langer (contact, Gabrieles Round Dance Seite)