Without Ruth

Intro (Bfly)

(Wait 1); Basic Cha;; Traveling Door Twice* (Scp);;

Part A (Scp)

2 Fwd Twos; Roll 4 (to Varsuvienne); 2 Fwd Twos; Walk 4 Lady Roll 4 (Bfly);
Balance L & R; Balance Apt & Tog (Bfly); 2 Sd Cl; Op Vine 4 (Bfly);

Part B (Bfly)

Vine 2 Fc to Fc; Vine 2 Bk to Bk (Op); Rk Fwd Rec Bk Cha*; Rk Bk Rec Fwd Cha*;
Circle Cha* (CP);; 2 Trng Twos; Twirl Vine 2 (Bfly) & Sd Cl;

Interlude (Bfly)

Basic Cha;; Traveling Door Twice* (Scp);;

End (Bfly)

Basic Cha;; Traveling Door Twice* (Scp);;
2 Fwd Twos (CP); Sd Cl Apt & Pt;


All * cues are written as Twostep Figures in Original Cuesheet:
Travelling Door = Rk Sd Rec Thru/ Sd Thru
Rk Fwd Rec Bk Cha = Rk Fwd Rec Bk/Cut Bk;
Rk Bk Rec Fwd Cha = Rk Bk Rec Fwd Twostep;
Circle Cha = Cirlce Away 2 & Twostep; Circle together 2 & Twostep;

last update: 9.12.2003 / Gabriele Langer (contact, Gabrieles Round Dance Seite)