Intro (Bfly)

(Wait 2);; Roll 2 & Cha; Rev Roll 2 & Cha; Cucaracha Twice;;

Part A (Bfly)

NYer (to Op); Walk 2 & Cha; Fwd & Bk Basic (Bfly);;
Travelling Door Twice;; Circle Cha (OP);;

Part B (Op/LOD)

Walk 2 & Cha; Walk 2 & Cha; Sliding Door Twice;;
Circle Cha;; Shlder to Shldr Twice;;
Sandstep Twice;;

Part C (Bfly)

Timestep 4 times;;;; (optional Hand Movement*)
Half Basic; Whip; Basic;;

End (Bfly)

Full Chase;;;;
Basic;; Twirl 2 & Cha; Wrap 2 & Cha; & Hold

Optional hand movement: Forming the Letters YMCA:
To form the letter Y move arms over head to form a V shape.
To form letter M move both arms over head and touch fingertiops to top of head.
To form letter C curve left arm over head to form top of letter C,
to form bottom of letter C bring right arm down and fold arm out, durving hand up slightly.
To form letter A bring arms straight over head and bring palms together.
These hand movements are optional, but they add a touch to the dance. The dance works well even if the hand movements are left out.

Bodyflow: moving from Sandstep (Part B) to Timestep (Part C) - goes against the expectations of dancers.

last update: 9.12.2003 / Gabriele Langer (contactGabrieles Round Dance Seite)